Randomly Generated Crossword(5 x 5)

  • Across

  • 1. the second pillar of Islam is prayer; a prescribed liturgy performed five times a day (preferably in a mosque) and oriented toward Mecca
  • 6. a compound derived from ammonia by replacing hydrogen atoms by univalent hydrocarbon radicals
  • 7. docks: coarse herbs and shrubs mainly native to north temperate regions
  • 8. a militant Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization formed in 1975 to force Turkey to acknowledge killing more than a million Armenians and forcibly removing them from border areas in 1915; wants Turkey to pay reparations and cede territory to Armenia
  • 9. (usually used colloquially) causing or accompanied by misfortune
  • Down

  • 1. (Old Testament) the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac
  • 2. make (somebody) laugh
  • 3. a genus of Limacidae
  • 4. administer an oil or ointment to ; often in a religious ceremony of blessing
  • 5. the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one
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