Randomly Generated Crossword(6 x 6)

  • Across

  • 1. the day before
  • 4. make off with belongings of others
  • 6. a hanging fold of loose skin on an elderly person's neck
  • 7. (folklore) a female ogre
  • 8. devoid of intelligence
  • 9. select as an alternative over another
  • Down

  • 1. enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering
  • 2. (chemistry) having valence; usually used in combination
  • 3. remove from memory or existence
  • 4. (music) a notation written at the beginning or end of a passage that is to be repeated
  • 5. an agency in the General Services Administration that is a security organization to provide a safe environment where Federal agencies can conduct their business
  • 6. the United States federal department charged with conservation and the development of natural resources; created in 1849
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