Crosswords from Books

This thing takes a text file as input, splits it into its unique words and generates a crossword using the unique words as the answers and the sentences that the words appeared in as the clues. It's a little sketchy at the moment, but shows some amusing potential.

You can try it out by uploading a text from Project Gutenberg in the form below, or take a look at a crossword based on The Great Gatsby or Moby Dick.

PUZ Player

PUZ files are used by the New York Times to distribute their online crosswords, as well as by a few other offline players, I'm sure. You can upload a .PUZ file using the form below and you'll be able to play it online.

This site seems to have a bunch of links to PUZ files that should work in this player. I'm particularly fond of the Onion crosswords.

Crosswords with Pictures as Clues

This thing uses Flickr tag searches instead of WordNet searches to determine word clues. There seems to be some fuzzy matching going on, though …

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